Hey there, I'm Sean

Thanks for popping into my personal website.
I hope you enjoy browsing around and learning a bit about me!

Things to know

I solve problems in analytical ways! At Queen's University, where I am completing my junior year in the School of Computing, I have learned a lot of unique problem solving strategies that can be applied to modern-day projects!

Check out my skills below.

Artificial Intelligence

As my undergraduate specialization, I have experience working with neural networks and creating data models.

Data Analysis

During my previous interships, my postion was tasked with constant examination of team trends and metrics. I used Excel, Jira, and Magento software.

Web Development

In addition to building this website, I have also had experience with Web Development in one of my previous internships. This is where I learned the bulk of my HTML, CSS, and React knowledge.

Data Visualization

Personal projects I have worked on have taught me valuable lessons on how to effectively display relevent data and passion points.

My Personal Website

A personal website showcasing my skills, abilities, and projects. The website is also a hub for my contact information.

Employee Turnover Data Analysis

A report styled project meant to analyze and examine trends in a employee turnover dataset. Data visualization tools and libraries were used to help further the understanding of the data. The project was capped off with a comparsion between kNN machine learing algortihm and random forest algorthim.

License Plate Recognition

Coming Soon.

Get in touch

If you'd like to connect with me via social media, you can find links to mine underneath! If you have any feedback about the website or any general inquries, don't hesitate to email me :)